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Michael McMenamin: How Churchill Became Churchill, Video

Reason Magazine
The Madness of Patrick Fitzgerald, March 5, 2007

The Secret Trial of Judith Miller, August 10, 2005

The Silence of the CEOs, January 5, 2004

St. Martha, October 2003

Teddy Roosevelt's Hidden Legacy, June 2003

Knave of Torts, August/September 2002

Labor Lost, November 2000

The Cogs of War, February 2000

Truth, Terror and David Trimble, October 1999

Nazi Ecomomics, August/September 1999

Clients from Hell, June 1998

Judge Gags Rudy and Rupert, February 1997

Bill & Ted's Irish Misadventure, August/September 1996

All the President's Fault, April 1996

Tobacco Row, February 1996

Keep It Simple, Solons, November 1995

Fehr Ball, May 1995

Labor Gains, February 1995

Defending the President, October 1994

Fencing in the Fourth Estate, December 1991

Trade War, January 1991

Finest Hour
Five Days in London, Review

Damning With No Praise, Review

Action this Day - FH 113, by Michael McMenamin

Action this Day - FH 114, by Michael McMenamin